Bilqees Sarwar Hospital expands Healthcare Facilities

September 22, 2017

On 22 September an inauguration ceremony was held at the Bilqees Sarwar Hospital, Lahore, to mark the reopening of the Sheikh Najeeb-ud-Din Eye Centre and the launch of the Al-Haj Sheikh Muhammad Sarwar Diagnostic Centre.  Bilqees Sarwar Hospital is an initiative from the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF). Its new ground floor diagnostic centre is equipped with state-of-the-art high resolution CT scan-64 slice imaging, colour doppler ultrasound scanning, X-Ray and an advanced diagnostic laboratory. The second floor eye centre, comprising advanced ophthalmological equipment, was renamed to honour Sheikh Najeeb ud Din. Mrs. Bilqees Sarwar, Chairwoman BSF, participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony together with Mr. Farhan Sarwar, President BSF, Mr. Ahmar Sarwar, Vice President BSF, and other members of the Sarwar Family. After the ceremony, the Sarwar Family toured the facility, greeted patients and inquired about their health conditions.  “This is not the end, it’s just the beginning and we are on the verge of introducing two new departments to develop a healthy community”, said Mr. Ahmar Sarwar, Vice President BSF. Mrs. Bilqees Sarwar commented, “I wish to see my children excelling in their fields and my dream is to establish a healthcare centre with international-standard facilities. We are successfully moving in the right direction towards achieving our objectives.”

Bilqees Sarwar Hospital to open state-of-the-art diagnostic centre

September 7, 2017

Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF) is soon to achieve yet another milestone with the establishment of a fully-fledged Diagnostic Centre at its Bilqees Sarwar Hospital (BSH) in Lahore. This will offer affordably-priced medical facilities to the local community, with costs being waived for those most in need. Services will include: CT scan-64 slice imaging; Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); Colour doppler ultrasound scanning; X-Ray; and An advanced diagnostic laboratory. Commenting on the project, Mr. Farhan Sarwar, President BSF, Said: “This initiative is going to bring a positive change to the lives of so many people in our local community.” The opening date of this Diagnostic Centre will be announced at the end of September.

BSH conducts over 108 surgeries a day

March 23, 2017

The Bilqees Sarwar Hospital celebrates the success of conducting 108 optical surgeries in a day. 23 March turned out to be busy yet a successful day in the history of Bilqees Sarwar Hospital. With the cooperation of dedicated team of doctors, consultants and skilled staff members BSH conducted over 108 successful surgeries in a day.  Patients reported satisfactory results and praised the acumen and dedication of hospital staff. The only reason for anything of the sort to be possible was due to state of the art equipment and well-trained staff members available at the Bilqees Sarwar Hospital around the clock. On this special day, a cake cutting ceremony was organized to acknowledge the efforts of medical professionals and to motivate them to continue their work with same level of consistency and dedication. Mr. Furqan Sarwar, Vice President-BSF, joined the hospital management in the ceremony and cherished the efforts of medical professionals. “I would like to appreciate the selfless efforts of our doctors and the team members serving the humanity. The Bilqees Sarwar Hospital is working on its current procedures so that we could raise the number of patients in recovery" Mr. Furqan Sarwar - Vice President BSF “Me and my team are highly thankful to the hospital management for organizing this activity, we are feeling extremely privileged with the arrival of Mr. Furqan Sarwar on this successful day” Dr. Akash, Eye Surgeon- BSH

Punjab’s largest dialysis centre celebrates World Kidney Day

March 10, 2017

To mark World Kidney on 9 March, Bilqees Sarwar Hospital organised a symposium to highlight the significance of kidneys and reducing the recurrence of chronic illnesses related to kidney disease. Around 150 attendees from the local community in Lahore benefited from the awareness session at the symposium. World Kidney Day is observed worldwide to raise awareness on kidney care and overall health of our bodies. This year, Bilqees Sarwar Hospital (BSH), being Punjab’s largest dialysis centre, took the initiative of celebrating this special day by giving an open invitation to the community members at the World Kidney Day Symposium. A team of highly skilled medical professionals from the BSH staff shared facts and figures about the cause of kidney disease and preventive measures to be taken through an interactive dialogue. Dr. Irfan Ilahi, Head of Nephrology Department at BSH and Assistant Professor Nephrology at Mayo Hospital, also shared his knowledge through an informative speech. The awareness session was followed by a cake cutting ceremony and a free health checkup at the hospital. A few executive members from Ferozepur Road Industrial Association-FRIA were also present at the event. Mr. Ahmar Sarwar, Vice Chairman of the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF), also attended the event and participated in the cake cutting ceremony with the hospital patients and staff. “This special day is meant to be celebrated for the success of Bilqees Sarwar Hospital in delivering the best healthcare facilities to alleviate the suffering of underprivileged community members. I believe this awareness session will help the people to understand the severity of the enduring illnesses such as chronic kidney disease,” Mr. Sarwar said.

First Ever Ambulance at Bilqees Sarwar Hospital

December 1, 2016

On 01 December, Bilqees Sarwar Hospital became the proud owner of its first ever ambulance. An ambulance donation ceremony was conducted at Bilqees Sarwar Hospital, led by Mr. Furqan Sarwar, Vice President-BSF and administration of hospital including doctors and nursing staff. Keeping in mind the travelling inconveniences that patients have to suffer, the hospital management has decided to provide them with free ambulance service. BSH introduced its first ever ambulance to make the lives of the underprivileged community members much easier for the patients. This new ambulance service is quite useful for the patients in critical condition as they no longer have to travel from inconvenient means of transportation in emergency. The ceremony of handing over the keys to the hospital management was led by Mr. Furqan Sarwar- Vice President BSF. Mr. Aftab Ahmad, Head of Administration-BSH was gracefully nominated as the incharge of this service. We are determined to expand the hospital fleet and to introduce many other amenities and state of the art equipment in the coming future. We have already grown in a brief time period and are expecting to see a lot more positive changes in near future.

Free eye camp reopens at Bilqees Sarwar Hospital

September 1, 2016

During the summer of 2016, the medical staff at the Bilqees Sarwar Hospital (BSH), an initiative of the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF), provided eye treatments for more than 5,000 patients in Lahore. Building on this success, we are bringing back our free eye camp services starting 1 October until 1 November for the community members in Pakistan. Approximately 39 million Pakistanis are forced to live with visual impairment, with half of these suffering from easily-treatable cataracts. Another sizeable part of the population remains at risk from eye disease. In many communities, there is a lack of quality eye care services, and those healthcare centres offering reliable eye treatments are usually out of reach for lower income groups. Commitment to improved access to public healthcare BSH is committed to improving the health of the local community and endeavours to put quality medical facilities within the reach of all, regardless of their financial situation. As part of its commitment, a free eye camp was organised at the hospital for one month during the summer of 2016. More than 5,000 people, from all walks of life, visited the hospital and benefited from a plethora of free services, including eye checkups. One of these eye patients, Khurshaid Bibi, said: “We really appreciate this effort. God will definitely bless the Sarwar family with happiness and success as a result of this kind deed and community service.” Take advantage of the free eye checkups today The re-opening of the hospital’s eye camp gives underprivileged segments of society another opportunity to take advantage of the free checkups and the complete range of treatments, including surgeries performed by a skilled team of eye surgeons, consultants and doctors. Mr. Farhan Sarwar, Founder of BSF, commented: “The purpose of this eye camp is to help those who cannot afford the cost of expensive eye treatments and who would otherwise remain untreated.”

Youth Ambassadors from Sarwar Family visits BSH

August 20, 2016

Children from Sarwar family visited the hospital facility on the concluding day of free eye camp to announce the date for next free eye camp The youth ambassadors Hiba Farhan, Maliha Sarwar and Tasmia Sarwar from Sarwar family visited the charity hospital to celebrate the success of treating upto 5,000 patients during free eye camp and to encourage the team of highly skilled medical professionals for their selfless efforts and devotion to serve the community members. “We are here to support the medical professionals and their commitment to community service with Bilqees Sarwar Hospital, we really appreciate the work of BSH” Hiba Farhan- Youth Ambassador Maliha Sarwar - Youth Ambassador, shared her views, “The main objective of this activity is to reach the underprivileged segments of society to provide them with quality healthcare solutions that they cannot afford” Tasmia Sarwar – Youth Ambassador, announced the next date of free eye camp whiling visiting the hospital facility “we will reopen our free eye camp during mid-summer, in September, we are hopeful to serve few more community members sharing with them the gift of sight”

Free Eye Camp at Bilqees Sarwar Hospital – 18 July to 20 August

July 22, 2016

Bilqees Sarwar Hospital organized a free eye camp to provide the community members with an easy access to get free of cost consultancy and complete range of eye treatments including optical surgeries and laser vision correction. Approximately 2 Million People are suffering from eye related diseases in Pakistan and around 6 million people are partially blind which can be easily cured by basic optical treatments. Unfortunately, in an underdeveloped country like Pakistan the quality treatment is much more expensive that an average person cannot afford it while making a hard living. Bilqees Sarwar Hospital took an initiative to deal with the most prevalent eye diseases by organizing a free eye camp from 18 July to 20 August. During this one month activity, our skilled team of professionals at BSH served all community members with free eye consultancy and complete range of ophthalmic treatments ranging from phacoemulsification to laser vision correction. “Working with Bilqees Sarwar Hospital is an honor for me as I feel good when I serve the most in need community members, I believe we should continue with public service to have peace of mind” Dr. Naseem Ahmad – Ophthalmologist BSH. Bilqees Sarwar hospital is treating upto 200 patients on a daily basis and the number is increasing with every passing day.

Razia Begum Dialysis Centre inaugurated at Bilqees Sarwar Hospital

June 5, 2016

To provide equal opportunities of a healthy life for those most in need, the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF) has opened the Razia Begum Dialysis Centre at the Bilqees Sarwar Hospital. Funded through zakat, this centre will provide quality treatments to patients who require kidney dialysis but are unable to afford the expenses. The dialysis centre is fully equipped with latest machinery and facilities. The story behind the name The Razia Begum Dialysis Centre has been established in honor of Mrs. Razia Begum, the grandmother of BSF Founder Farhan Sarwar, and in memory of the Sarwar family's loved ones who lost their lives fighting with the same kidney health issues. The Razia Begum Dialysis Centre will  ensure that the vulnerable ones will get free quality treatment from advanced equipment, experienced paramedical staff, and the best doctors in the country. These are the factors that will make Razia Begum Dialysis Centre one of the top ranked dialysis centres in Pakistan and beyond. Inauguration of the Razia Begum Dialysis Centre The Razia Begum Dialysis Centre was inaugurated by BSF on June 4. Various personalities attended the event to wish the BSF founding family - the Sarwar's - for this great initiative. BSF's Board of Directors, namely Mr. Farhan Sarwar, Founder; Mrs. Bilqees Sarwar, Chairwoman; Mr. Farhaj Sarwar, Senior Vice-Chairman; Mr. Ahmar Sarwar, Vice-Chairman; and Mr. Furqan Sarwar, Vice-President, together with their families, were all present at the inauguration ceremony. Other VIPs who attended the event included Secretary Health Mr. Najam Ahmad Shah, Adviser to the Minister of Health, Mr. Khwaja Salman Rafique, and Dr. Faisal Masood. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) colleagues from the Dubai-based parent company NRS International were also present at the event. Mrs. Bilqees Sarwar facilitated the ribbon cutting ceremony, followed by a hospital tour for the guests. The event was ended with a bundle of best wishes and prayers.

Bilqees Sarwar Hospital celebrates International Nurses Day

May 13, 2016

Bilqees Sarwar Hospital, an initiative of the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF), celebrated International Nurses Day on 12 May to highlight the significant role played by nurses in the Pakistani community.‪‎ Bilqees Sarwar Foundation celebrated International Nurses Day on May 12 at Bilqees Sarwar Hospital (which has been serving the humanity since 2010) to mark the contributions of nurses in the society. BSH is a charity run hospital which facilitates the vulnerable patients with free of cost treatment, medication, care & love which they deserve. The purpose of celebrating this day was to pay tribute to the nurses who serve the nation without bothering their own health, family and time. On this special day, few activities were arranged with the staff of the hospital and BSH presented gifts to all the nurses to encourage them and support the noble cause of serving humanity. “The celebration of International Nurses Day is a real opportunity to highlight the nursing staff’s efforts and contributions to provide superior care and improve healthcare outcomes for patients” Dr. Akash Matthew- Eye Surgeon, Bilqees Sarwar Hospital. This yearly celebration was aimed to recognize the distinguished and honest work of the nursing staff. “Nurses play a vital role in health services planning and decision-making, and in the development of useful and adequate health policy. We must respect Nurses and their Profession by representing them as model for humanity” Farhan Sarwar- Founder, Bilqees Sarwar Foundation.

Bilqees Sarwar Hospital formally opens in Lahore

September 20, 2015

The Bilqees Sarwar Hospital to offer low-cost access to medical treatments. The Bilqees Sarwar Foundation, the family-run charity funded  by NRS International, has inaugurated the Bilqees Sarwar Hospital, which will provide affordable healthcare to those most in need in the local Lahore community. The Bilqees Sarwar Hospital is located within NRS International’s factory premises of H. Sheikh Noor-ud-Din & Sons (HSNDS)  on 27km off Ferozpur Road. Open from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Saturday, the hospital will give walk-in patients access to general physicians, optometrists, fully equipped wards and laboratories, and will offer specialist eye treatments and laser vision correction, amongst other medical services. The hospital aims to accommodate as many patients as possible, at affordable subsidised rates. The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Sarwar family, doctors, medical practitioners, distinguished guests and factory employees. Following the ceremony, the hospital opened its doors and began to receive its very first patients. “Over the past few years, we have renewed our commitment to public health initiatives. Through the Bilqees Sarwar Hospital we are now able to provide the newest technology at highly subsidized rates to the HSNDS employees and community members,” said Mr. Farhan Sarwar, Founder of the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation. “We are humbled to support our Pakistani brothers and sisters.” Driven by NRS International’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, the Bilqees Sarwar Hospital is the latest charity project launched in collaboration with HSNDS, one of Lahore’s largest employers of skilled factory workers, including women. About Bilqees Sarwar Foundation The Bilqees Sarwar Foundation is a family-run charitable organisation funded by NRS International, an industry leader in manufacturing and developing innovative products for the humanitarian, public health and development sectors. Building on NRS International’s expertise of providing emergency relief products, the Sarwar family created the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation, named after the founding matriarch. The foundation’s first international project focused on distributing solar lights to Typhoon Haiyan survivors at a camp site in Tacloban, Philippines. After the successful campaign, the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation expanded its projects to build community resiliency through public health and education activities in emergency and recovery settings.